Barranco Alto

A delightful small hacienda in the Southern Pantanal owned by a Swiss family of biologists and ardent conservations.  With only four rooms (a couple more are planned) and a very personal approach, you will quickly be made to feel like one of the family.  The owners often guide guests themselves with open-sided 4x4s providing the perfect game drives.  As well as horseriding, you can also explore the many waterways by motor boat or take one of the lodges kayaks for a silent paddle, the perfect way to see the resident families of giant river otters or - if very luck - jaguars. 


A non-commercial and genuine lodge built with a genuine love of wildlife.  Good for all general Pantanal wildlife. 


Small and very popular, the lodge gets booked up months in advance.  Pretty remote and most people fly in by charter flight which adds to the costs.

Best for the following wildlife

Giant River Otters, Tapir, Giant Anteaters.

From the Barranco Alto website

Located 120 Km northwest of the small city of Aquidauana, in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul, Barranco Alto Farm lies at the Rio Negro (Black River) boundary, in the southern area of the Pantanal, known as Nhecolândia.

Founded at the beginning of the twentieth century, Barranco Alto farm (formerly known as Barranco Branco farm) is considered to be one of the oldest in this region. The farming community there is probably not much different today than it was when established by the first nucleus of civilization of the Rio Negro.

Fulfilling a childhood dream, our father Jorge Schweizer acquired Barranco Alto Farm in the 1980´s and began directing all his efforts towards nature conservation. Among his many projects, Jorge co-founded the “Society for the Defense of the Pantanal” (Sodepan) and, after eight years of hard research, he wrote a book about the giant otters of the Pantanal.

Following in Jorge Schweizer´s pioneering footsteps, we will continue to preserve the ecology of the area, whilst increasing regional development in a non-intrusive, eco-friendly manner.