Jaguar Research Centre

This beautifully conceived lodge offers undoubtedly the best chances of seeing jaguars in the wild.  Small and very exclusive (with a price to match), the lodge uses scout boats and trackers to locate jaguars, mostly on the banks of the Cuiaba River.  Sightings of at least one jaguar is almost guaranteed during a stay of three nights here and tallies of seven or eight individuals can normally be expected.  Best visited during the months of June to October.


The only place in the world where jaguars can be seen with any regularity.  Exceptional sightings of natural behaviour and often exceptional photos. 


Very much focussed on the one quarry, expensive and often very difficult to get availability.

Best for the following wildlife

Jaguars are the main target here, however, you can often have good giant river otter sightings and expect plenty of the jaguar's favourite prey: capybaras and caiman. 

Details from the Jaguar Research Centre website


The only lodging inside the 270,000-acre (1,090 square kilometer) Meeting-of-the-Waters State Park in North Pantanal, the JRC is a spacious tented camp and air-conditioned house boat.

JRC has eight sealed, 4m-by-5m walk-in tents with wooden floors, private, hot-shower bathrooms, and electricity for lights, fans, and recharging cameras and laptops.

The houseboat is a twin-deck, 5m-by-16m craft with two air-conditioned cabins, each with its own hot-shower bathroom. The boat’s roofed, open-sided upper level is an ideal observation deck for scanning vast, uninhabited stretches of the Pantanal for the world’s largest Jaguars as well as for Giant Otters and other wildlife.