Pantanal Wildlife Centre

A good general Pantanal lodge run by two pioneers of wildlife tourism in South America, Charlie and Marianna Munn.  Charlie is a PhD macaw biologist and expert wildlife guide with an incredible record of articles, journals and successful expeditions with professional photographers and film markers.  Charlie and Marianna were some of the first people to realise the importance of sustainable wildlife tourism in protecting some of the world's most threatened tropical areas and have conceived some of the best wildlife lodges in Peru, Ecuador and Brazil. 


Charlie and Mariana have used a huge amount of their expertise to maximise the wildlife potential of the lodge with towers erected next to nesting trees of jabiru storks and the greater potoo and electric powered boats to visit a habituated family of giant river otters.  Combines very well with the Jaguar Research Centre which Charlie and Marianna also own.


A little on the large size and located in a fairly busy section of the northern Pantanal.

Best for the following wildlife

Tapirs feeding in the lodge's own mango plantation, giant river otters, nesting jabiru storks and potoos, good general birding.  Occasional cats such as ocelot and puma on night drives but you would need to be lucky.

Details from the Pantanal Wildlife Centre website

Owned and operated by professional wildlife biologists, Pantanal Wildlife Center is located 2.5 km off the Transpantaneira Road, on the forested banks of the wildlife-rich Pixaim River. With air conditioned rooms and accessible riverine forest, PWC offers the Pantanal’s best value for serious birders, naturalists, and photographers. We offer boat outings that feature the world’s tamest Giant Otters. Other exclusives are the Pantanal’s only mobile canopy towers strategically located at fruiting and flowering trees and silent, electric river catamarans for photographers using long lenses on tripods. We also offer horse rides, cattle drives, walks on scientifically-designed forest trails, research lectures, mammal spotlighting, star chart for study of the spectacular night sky, and Brazilian barbecues.  

The PWC has 10 double-occupancy rooms with air conditioning and private, hot-shower bathrooms. The largest rooms easily accommodate up to four single beds, which is ideal for families. The large, screened dining room and lounge features a full bar and specializing in caipirinhas, the Brazilian national cocktail.

Three meals are included per day. We also have laundry service, and offer drinking water for free. Upon request, guides are available in German, English, French, Spanish, or Portuguese.