Suite Domes - Torres del Paine

Located high in the mountains of Torres del Paine in Chile, this cannot exactly be classed as a classic safari lodge.  We feature this because it represents the best chance of seeing Pumas in the wild.  You will still need luck on your side plus an experienced guide to take you to the high caves where the pumas rear their young.  The best time to visit is during the spring months (Sep, Oct, Nov) when the adults have young and are at their most active.

The Suite Domes are comfortable 28mt²/ 300 ft² tented igloo-type double domes built the same way as the ancient native Kaweskar’s dwellings. Its structure produces minimal environmental impact while providing an efficient thermal and wind resistant unit, with great exposure to nature in the most magnificent Patagonian setting. Each dome has a private bathroom, comfortable double or twin beds, and it is heated by a modern low-emission wood stove. In addition, every dome has its own composting device to process waste and a solar panel as an energy source.

Eco Camp’s cozy decoration makes great use of fallen trees or branches, collected leaves & feathers, natural fibers and other natural elements bringing the local heritage of natives and settlers indoors, blending with the surrounding harsh nature.  The Suite domes are located in a Lenga (beech) forest next to the existing standard domes but allowing enough distance so as to create a separate and independent atmosphere with more refinement and comfort.